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Runs: Theatre N16 (Scratch Run - 2017 *previous title (Re)Play*), Wandsworth Fringe, Putney Arches and Brighton Fringe, The Warren (Mini Tour- 2018)

"This will be funny one day"

'Rachel has been in awe of funny women her whole life, and now, a quarter of a century in and feeling daunted by the 'Beach-Body ready 'and ‘BIC pens for Her’ culture she needs to channel these strong women more than ever' 


Lippy is a semi-autobiographical, one-woman lip-sync show exploring gender and authenticity. 


"A combination of self-deprecating and intelligent humour, as well as a potent vulnerability, Causer’s latest performance exposes the reality behind not only how our own personal growth is marred by expectations of the roles women need to fulfil for society, but also how they impact even our greatest heroines" ★★★★★ - Voice Magazine 

Creative Team

Produced by Robyn Bennett 

Directed by Georgie Staight

Written by Rachel Causer


Rachel Causer 

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