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Runs: Tristan Bates (Scratch Run - 2019), Theatre 503 (Short Run - 2022) & The Pleasance Courtyard Edinburgh Festival ( Full - 2022)



“Everyone is constructing themselves, I am just more conscious of doing it. I’m a sculptor of it. I am a fucking artist.” 

Alex is a social success. Her Instagram boasts a montage of members-only rooftops, inexplicably sunny days and clinking glasses – like after like after like! When her father dies, Alex reluctantly joins a bereavement group. She shares a little, and then lies... a lot. And it feels good – like the ‘likes’, but live, and just like that, Alex is hooked. 

Please, Feel Free to Share is a dynamic, darkly comic, one-woman show about our personal addictions, the never-ending pursuit of likes, and our growing desire to share all. 

Finalist & Awarded ‘Special Mention’ - Popcorn New Writing Award 2021 

OFFIE Nominated for Best Edinburgh Show 2022 (Results Pending)

Creative Team: 

Written by Rachel Causer

Performed by Roísín Bevan

Directed by Liam Blain 

Produced by Robyn Bennett 

Dramaturgy by Cressida Peever 

Lighting Design by Archie Macleod 

Sound Deign by Raffaella Pancucci 

Please, Feel Free to Share is now published with Methuen Drama. 

Please, Feel Free to Share is also being developed for TV.

For all enquires about rights, please contact Eva at SayleScreen

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