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- Popcorn Award Finalist 2021

- Offie Finalist for 'Best Play at Edinburgh Fringe' 2022 

★★★★ The Scotsman

★★★★ Spy In The Stalls  

★★★★ Broadway World Scotland

★★★★ Broadway Baby 

★★★★ LondonTheatre1

★★★★ The List 

★★★★ Sinners Review

★★★★ EdFringe Review

★★★★ Everything Theatre

For Scratch 


"Causer's writing is always brilliantly clever, and Please, Feel Free To Share is no exception to this rule. It is an excellent commentary on the extreme nature of social media and instant gratification of things such as the Like button and similar online" - Within Her Words



"Energetic, Entertaining and Engaging. This is the second play I’ve seen by Rachel Causer and I am definitely a fan of her darkly comic writing style.”

- LondonTheatreGal 

"Once again Causer shows just how skillfully she creates and writes original female characters. Her writing is packed with a dark humour that Róisín Bevan brings to life with an at times unnerving verve." - The View from The Outside



  - Offie Nominated for 'Best Play In Short Run' 2019 


“The script is totally brilliant and confounds expectations…The writing is by turns anarchic, explosive but by the end of the piece, empowering and fun” – Spy In The Stalls 


"Every aspect of this tumultuous, engaging, relatable and emotive performance was expertly arranged and masterfully played. Never has a set of words from someone’s mouth made me feel so seen, so comforted and so liberated. When It Happens excellently reflects what theatre should always aim to be" - The Medium 


“Had me in absolute hysterics one moment and on the edge of my seat the next”- Within Her Words



“Emotionally-astute observations and engaging performances - an entertaining and insightful combination”  - Breaking The Fourth Wall


“Eloquent writing, electric performances - definetly not one to miss!" - LondonTheatreGal 


“This is a piece that excels on multi-levels and has had me smiling long after I left the theatre - that rare occurrence when there is a joyous synergy between writer, actor, director and audience." - The Review Chap 



“Causer writes a caustic comedy with all the sweet spots of the feminist revolution…The show is a joyous, smart and thoroughly riotous piece of theatre” - Broadway World 


“Well written, well-acted and well-staged. It fulfills its purpose as an entertaining piece of theatre and it may well leave some of the audience thinking and questioning. - Fringe Review 

“When it Happens” feels very timely, and it has made me think a lot about female complicity (via acceptance) of everyday sexism, and unrealistic images of motherhood" - The View From Outside 



- Shortlisted for Best Newcomer at Brighton Fringe 2018


 "A combination of self-deprecating and intelligent humour, as well as a potent vulnerability"  - Voice Magazine 



"Brilliantly performed, this is an enthusiastic and enjoyable production, with humour of the highest order" - LondonTheatre1 



"Hilarious and on Point" - Breaking the Fourth Wall. 


"Delving incrementally back into her past, there’s an exploration of the difficulties of becoming a young woman in contemporary society" - There Ought to Be Clowns 




"Intelligently and inventively devised and splendidly performed, this is an enormously funny and enjoyable show, with a potently persuasive message"- ActDrop 



"Causer reminds us of how hard it is to be young, female and desperately trying to play a game you don’t know the rules of yet. But, she also uses humour to keep us from the brink. It’s not a performance of utter lamentation and grief. It’s one that tells us it’s ok to laugh about it all, even when it doesn’t feel funny yet." - A Younger Theatre



"Rachel Causer’s Scintilla finishes off the showcase. One of the deeply moving works, its simple plotline delivers themes of loss and human connections. Estrangement is a difficult subject to think about, and Causer’s script is heartfelt and an honest representation" - The Upcoming 


"Like and Subscribe is a witty and relatable story about friendship and the lengths we’re prepared to go to convince the rest of the world we’re fine – even when we’re anything but" - TheBlogOfTheatreThings



















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