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When it happens 




Runs: Tristan Bates (Scratch Run - 2018), Tristan Bates (Week-Long Run - 2019)

‘This was an awakening. This was an eruption. This was a revolution. This was like eating three Berocca with no water and letting them bubble inside you.’

An outrageous comedy about micro-aggressions and personal revolutions.

A surreal comedy following the lives of three women on what they thought would be a normal day of micro-aggressions and self-doubt.

Then it happens…

At 2.16pm, a strange phenomenon occurs and each woman experiences a transformation, breaking free from the roles they’ve been forced to play and starting a hilarious and heart-wrenching rebellion against everything and everyone who put them there in the first place.

Following a successful second run, When It Happens was nominated for an Offie Award for Best Play in a Short run

When It Happens was a Scatterjam Production

Creative Team

Directed by Kennedy Bloomer 

Produced by Lexi Clare 

Written by Rachel Causer 


Jenny - Rachel Causer

Beth - Roisin Bevan 

Freya - Niamh Watson  

For all enquires about rights, please contact Eva at SayleScreen

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